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MicroPrecis JLT introduces branemark integration in Dubai

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Abdel Karim LOUGHSALA (Founder of Micro Précis Paris) (C.E.O.of Micro Précis JLT) and Bertrand Alaïn VIALA (Exécutive Associate) have over 10 years international experience in the dental industry.


Abdel Karim LOUGHSALA (Founder of Micro Précis Paris) (C.E.O.of Micro Précis JLT) and Bertrand Alaïn VIALA (Exécutive Associate) have over 16 years international experience in the dental industry. Today, with our partners Brånemark Integration and its French distributor Biosmile, we run medical units such as ISI Clinic in Paris, Swiss and Brussels. Both companies aim to improve dental care by offering quality products at a reasonable cost.

Micro Précis began prosthétics production & marketing Brånemark Integration in the French market 3 years ago. We already have dentals laboratories, Clinics, hospitals, dentists and implantologists.

Much of our success can be attributed to the Fixture BioHelix II with Click & Drive. Its patented angled screw channels improve clinical outcome and quality without costly spacers, making it very easy to perform good and neat work. We have had an incredibly positive response from dentists, which is a sign that the patients are satisfied as well.

We offer a comprehensive concept that allows for exclusive Brånemark Integration dental implant treatments to be sold at a reasonable cost - without compromising on
quality and comfort.

Micro Précis is a dynamic company that develops concepts and solutions at a rapid pace. Our teams are committed to a high level of competence, both technically and clinical, this is why we are proud to have been granted the ISO certificates 9001 & 13485 that guarantee that we match the most demanding standards everywhere in the world. “ This has always been our strong competitive advantage alon with our close relations to our customers in terms of service. We wanted to make sure from the very
beginning that we and it is interesting to get a first-hand glimpse of the precision manufacturing process. We own a State-of-the-art production facility in the surroundings of Paris and are opening our first commercial platform in Dubai.

Micro Précis Prosthetic is an attractive solution for any single implant Brånemark Integration, and the option of an angled screw channel is truly revolutionary, (In connection with Brånemark Integration , new prosthétics product concepts; BioHelix Full ThreadTM and SlimLineTM. BioHelix Full ThreadTM is a new fixture within the successful BioHelixTM concept, with a thread design that results in reduced risk of bone résorption.

SlimLineTM is an abutment concept, designed to cause less damage to the mucosa), by offering this new technique we ensure that professionals offer more comfort and safety to their patients, while saving on potentially lost and soiled prothetics. Therefore professionals using this new angled screw have a true competitive edge on their rest of the market.

We organize training courses for dentists and surgeons, and I think that skills exchange between industry stakeholders will become even more important, Micro Précis JLT is a French manufacturer of dental implants. Our technical and scientific teams work every day to improve our range of dental implants (titanium implants, cylindrical implants, conical implants, micro threaded collar implants, internal and external hexagon, morse taper implants, mini-implants, ostéosynthesis screws).
We set up our company in order to offer more and more services. You will find a large range of implants which will allow you to treat the majority of your clinical cases.

Mr Abdel Karim Loughsala C.E.O.

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